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  1. Heya hope you're good

    You got any psy-trance rave/festivals coming up? Looking to get on one Can't go abroad, would love to go Ozora or Boom
  2. Yeah, I moved in a couple of days ago but my housemates don't seem to be interested in the psytrance stuff, but hey, not many people are, its still quite underground for our generation, kinda makes it exciting maybe see you on saturday
  3. Hey, I got my Ticket for Tribal Village excited now ahah
  4. Such a fine specimen.
  5. just checked, it's on netflix, I might have to do the same
  6. right on, you've got good taste. I'd say clerks is the greatest though
  7. Your avatar... xD
  8. Hey,

    I thought I'd continue our conversation here - wouldn't want people to get annoyed with us hijacking the thread haha.

    You're so lucky! I haven't been able to visit any of the unis I'm interested in, especially the ones up in Scotland because they're pretty much on the other side of the UK map for me. The Exeter campus does sound beautiful though. I've also grown up in a small area but I'm pretty excited about the idea of going to a big city, though I reckon I would definitely miss being so near to the beach.

    Thanks! I sincerely wish you the best of luck and hope that your application goes down really well with the unis of your choice! I'm guessing Exeter is your favourite then? It is one of mine, but Glasgow has a slight edge at the moment. Though, I'm planning on visiting Exeter soon as it's close enough for me to spend a day there easily. Maybe the visit will change my mind!

    Ah, Tell me about it! I've actually finished my PS and application now (it should be sent off sometime during next week, eek!) but I had the same problem when writing it. I just found that I had so much to say and it was difficult to put everything into words. Plus I'd read so many statements on here before I started writing my own and they all scared the scared the crap out of me haha! Which texts are you mentioning? x
  9. Hey gypsyclimber,

    I know you live far away but i thought i would give you a heads up just in case you were up for a journey because you did say you liked cloud & owl. I am thinking of putting together a fundraiser for Amnesty International in Portsmouth, Jamnesty, because i have worked with their society on events before. Its only just been mentioned, so it will be a while yet, probably in November or December, but if you would like to come then i can keep you updated? Also if you or anyone you know would be interested in playing do send over some soundclouds. The party i sent you the mix from was also a Jamnesty afterparty and we do have an excellent crew, i dont live there anymore but i could blatantly find an afterparty host/spot

    Had a good weekend?

  10. I enjoyed reading a little of your blog, most particularly your quite mystifying 'About Me'.

    Is it a mixture of creative writings derived from your daily thoughts?

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    I love a good ol' shindig and anything that involves the outdoors, particularly climbing, bouldering, walking etc. I live in the countryside so I have always taken great pleasure in exploring and relaxing by the canal.

    Passion for live music and festivals, as am a folk musician myself. However, I have a penchant for psytrance, weird raves in wierd places with weird people. Also Balkan and Gypsy music plays a big role in my life.
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    English Literature

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