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  1. Hey, what sxith form do you go to?
  2. Haha do it! Knitting is one of those essential life skills that to many people go without. If you're badass you will learn crochet too! Also, knitted beards. They're a thing.
    A pub a day!

    Why so few pubs?

    Scone - as in, it was there on my teaplate, now t'scone.
    Now for The Real Test: in what order do you do cream and jam?
  3. haha fair enough, I'm sure you'll love it. My friend just graduated two days ago, says it was the best three years of his life. He had to read a LOT about the reformation and Catholicism in Spain... but as far as I can remember, he spent most of his degree knitting, playing folk music and organising a vaguely political baking circle. York is a great place, it's full of cool independent shops. There are approximately 15.3 trillion teashops in York. I hope you like scones.
  4. I would highly recommend a Gap Yah. I didn't travel, I painted instead, and it was totes divine. You feel better about going to uni once you've taken one too imho. You probably need to call up York pretty soon if you want to do that though
  5. YAY LOTR! Actually my degree is mainly conceptual dahling, so I will have to be able to use a ruler... and that's about as far as the maths goes. It's all ideas.
  6. well I have no great love of maths, I just have to study it. I thought the general consensus was that mathsy was the inverse of artistic? How would you describe yourself then? Historical? Mmm London is an exciting prospect. One of my dearest friends is just finishing History + Politics at York, he adores it.
  7. oh like Plymouth. I'm 19, firm choice is Architecture at UCL
  8. I just remember everyone thinking it was normal. I have also always looked older. I am actually super happy now if I get IDed (never spelled that before, looks horrendous)! You're making Wolverhampton sound charming and like it was invented by Jarvis Cocker.
    So, what age are you? Are you going to uni?
  9. That sounds like the beginnings of a sitcom. Where I used to live in Kerry, our local pub on the pier was run by children! I remember being in a swarm of children under 12, about 25 of us, all bombing around this pub, and then you'd have 8 year olds behind the bar. Their mam was always outside with the customers. We were all a bit feral.
    Ha! I never knew Wolverhampton was so hipster But then I never knew anything about Wolverhampton really.
    Oh I love folk music. I like Johnny Flynn. I live in Devon, there's a lot of folking about. Lots of the folk I like is super old...
  10. Awww bless him. I'd actually hate to be famous.

    Sure thing, pal. I'm aware I look terrible in my profile picture, just ignore it, haha!

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    Where I study
    The land of collapsing roofs and common rooms with leaking sanitary waste pipes overhead
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    Don't believe in it
    About me
    I permanently regret choosing this username, because I am not as self-righteously and militaristically atheistic as it would suggest. It was just a phase, ok?!

    I live in London but am hopefully university bound up norf to study History. A lot of my time is taken up reading history (not proper academic journals and intelligent historians' opinions, just bare-bones narratives that liken Celtic Britain to something out of Tolkien.)

    I play guitar, but I'm not particularly good at it, and my newest acoustic has acquired an impressively thick layer of dust.

    For my sins, I was brought up a Wolves fan, and have an unreasonable emotional attachment to the club and its fortunes, or lack thereof, as the case may be.

    I'm a big fan of George Orwell and Jonathan Swift. It's a bit weird finding Swift so funny 300 years later, but I honestly do. Otherwise, I've read quite a bit of WW1 Lit and recently visited the Somme, which was both harrowing and fascinating, and has definitely steered my interests.

    I'm pretty outgoing and social. I can't dance to save my life ('like my granddad' being the most prolific simile to describe my style), but I like to when I'm out. My musical interests are pretty broad, but over the past 18 months or so, folk has been a dominating feature. Johnny Flynn is by far by favourite artist.
    Academic Info
    GCSEs: 4 A*s, 5 As, 3 Bs
    AS: AAAB
    A2: predicted A*A*A, expecting UUU

    2013 applicant to study History at York with Exeter as an insurance

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