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  1. Hey there! I am currently in the application cycle for 2014 entry, and I'm panicking about the possible offers I might receive. Do you happen to remember what your offers were conditional upon? ex. 90% gr.12 average and what not. Thanks!
  2. Hello!
    I see that you are a canadian applicant and that you have posted up a lot of helpful information, so I was wondering what you thought about my own case.
    I'm thinking of applying to Exeter, Southampton, Newcastle and Keele. Do you think it's even worth applying for based on the international competition?
    I meet the minimum entry requirements for OSSD at these unis, and providing I meet the UKCAT cut off (im writing it later this month) what do you think my chances are at Soton? The thing is, my personal statement is the only really strong point of my application cause I have a fair bit of experience but I'm just scared that it won't get read...

    Any advice you have is greatly appreciated ! Congrats on your acceptance to soton btw
  3. Hey
    Just a quick tip: Not sure if you have had your visa appt, but choose priority! The regular service is way too slow (my apt was on the 9th and still no news)
  4. Hey, Im a Canadian student applying for 2013 entry this year and was just wondering if I could get some information from you regarding your application. Which four medical schools did you choose and why? Did you have to travel multiple times for interviews?
  5. Hi there!

    I saw your thread for St Andrews A990 Programme applicants 2012, and as one of the applicants who is currently under lots of stress in the university application process, I decided you were the right person to talk to. So did you receive an offer from the A990 programme? If yes, did you accept it? Firm/insurance? Right now I basically have to decide between St.Andrews/Edinburgh and University of Toronto... Not an easy choice for me! So many different factors to worry about, in particular having to apply for residency as IMG later VS having to sit for MCAT & apply for med school.

    If you were me, what would you do? Looking forward to hearing from you!
  6. Hey!
    sorry i think i may have messaged you before, but how did your offers go for medical school etc? hope they went well!! Im still in New Zealand, about to start studying for the UKCAT which i am planning to sit in late august, It just feels like such a impossible goal and dream to get in over in uk for some reason.

    Anyway , looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sorry just one question regarding UKCAT prep, did you use medify or emedica ? or just stick to the 600q book?

    Done high school today, grad in 2 days.

    Hows life for you?
  8. Thats okay thanks for telling me
  9. Need to look at costs too. :grumble:
    Intl fees (esp clinicals) are ridiculously expensive. :/ (but thatnks for the opinion)
    March break in 2 days!
  10. Debate between Sheffield and KCL.
    I loved Glasgow but after a visit, it didn't seem too nice, same with HYMS. (so glad I visited otherwise I would have never realized. )

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  • About doctork2

    High School Student
    Straight as an arrow
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    About me
    - Highschool Diploma in Ontario, Canada (OSSD)
    - Certified in CPR-B, WHMIS, and AED
    - Certified in Basic Levels of Leadership, Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety at Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

    I love:
    - Playing the guitar (lead singer/guitarist in a band )
    - Listening to rock/hard rock/ thrash metal
    - Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Tygers of Pan Tang, Steel Panther, Led Zeppelin, etc.
    - Reading up on, omgfacts, and other hillarious factual websites
    - Watching sci-fi movies and shows
    - Taking a nice long walk
    - Rain and other gloomy days (Horray for Britain! )

    My work experience:
    - Volunteering at a local hospital (300+ Hours)
    - Co-operative Education at a local hospital as a Biomedical Engineering Assistant
    - Shadowed a Paediatrician and a Gynecologist for a week
    - Guitar Club president
    - Note-sharing website contributor
    - School tutor
    - Work at a government science museum
    - Planning to go oversea medical volunteering at Cambodia and the infamous Leprosy Island in South Korea

    - Top 25% in Grade 9 and 10 national math contests
    - Excellence in Mathematics (Equivalent to D of E in the UK) award for grades 9, 10, 11
    - 2nd Place in Biology at the Regional Science Olympics
    - Prefect member --> Currently Prefect executive
    Academic Info

    AVG: 685 (VR: 540 | QR: 690 | AR: 790 | DA: 720)

    University of St. Andrew's (A990) - WITHDRAWN
    University of Southampton (A100) - FIRM
    Durham University (A100) - DECLINED
    University of East Anglia (A100) - INSURANCE
    Korean Bear with a Heart of Gold

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