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  1. Cheers, much appreciated.
  2. Hey, I will be sitting my AS History this May and am doing the Weimar and Fascism units. I wondered if you had any notes to share?
  3. Hey! I'm also going to the UCL be a polymath competition. On the 2nd and 3rd of July. when is yours?
  4. Haha thats always the answer, only swear words :P. Yeah same , oh well, maybe uni may give you a chance to study a new language.
    I am thinking I will firm Imperial and insure UCL, but I am not sure will see.
    Why don't you just save the password? or never log out? :P
  5. Ahhhh yeah that makes sense, stupid question but can you speak any portuguese?
    Yeah I have finally done with interviews, I got an offer from UCL, not sure what it is yet tho!

    Have you decided what youare insuring, because lets be honest oxford is your firm.
    What would you do instead of TSR?!
  6. I don't understand, your parents are portuguese right? I am not getting something here

    Also how was your UCL interview, I have it tomorrow, my last one! What were you asked
  7. I swear you are indian
  8. Lol you are not Portuguese!!
  9. haha for the rest of them I just went out on my own - otherwise the other applicants would have stressed me out too much Corpus really is lovely though

    Thank you! That is really good I should definitely hope so! I'm well on target for an A* in biology thankfully, and providing the chemistry ISA goes well, hopefully that too! How about you?
  10. I only had one meal at the college - I was SO SO scared of everything there it was so intimidating A*A in any of the three sciences I've already done the whole Maths A level (got an A) but they said if on a resit I got the A* in maths, that would count yours?

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