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  1. Ikwaan although the TSR thread is closed we have moved it to a google group forum
  2. Ha, either I missed the Shia thread when I posted that or it wasnt as heated. In any case, I've definitely learned not to debate Shias online. Sometimes I'm left with my mouth open at what they say. Allahu musta'aan. As for the FAQ thread akhi, it's now been closed.

    In any case, you made the best decision. Once everyone starts this year, I won't have time to go on TSR so Insha'Allah this will make me leave.
  3. Subhan'Allah.

    You back akhi or just looking at the thread then moving on.

    To be fair, not much has changed. How's life though?
  4. Akhi!

    Asalamu alaykum
  5. No wonder you're on tsr lol
    Insha'Allah you'll be fine, no better than fine
    Wa'Alaykum salaam
  6. LOL don't worry about it
  7. lol I don't mind, I know it's possible so you know, whatever. I just thought I'd see where you've been posting lol
  8. I just pos-rep a post from last year! :| LOL I thought I'd look at your posts too :P but I only looked at that one
  9. haha I took two negs for you, damn you! (why do I care?) but tbh ****ing lasagne is a pretty random thing for me to just make up, no?

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