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  1. hey have you heard back from any schools lizzy?
  2. Hey whats up lizzy!

    How are things going with you, long time no talk!
  3. I'm currently in second year now but first year was a breeze for me. This is because I had already done two years of chemistry at UWO before coming to Manchester. Second Year is going alright. Honestly, if you keep up with your work and readings, you will pass for sure.

    The whole course has been reformatted since 2011 so I am the last year to follow the old curriculum. It's pretty much general biology, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and some pharmacy related courses. If you give me your e-mail, I can e-mail you the first year handbook and you can take a look yourself at the course.

    Don't worry about all the questions, I'm here to help !
  4. Ah! Sorry for the late reply! I didn't even check TSR for a week. Thanks for the tips, that's really helpful! By the way, I'm from Toronto. And you? If you don't mind me asking, why did you apply to UK and not study in Canada? Because I am currently applying to both Canada and UK! I hope I can get into Canadian pharmacy schools, if not, go to UK......
  5. Hey. Congrats on coming to Manchester! I am really liking it here. Everything is organized and the atmosphere of the city is great. Everyone in my year is very social so it was very easy to make friends. Overall, I think the University of Manchester is a great school.

    I just saw your question on one of the threads. I don't think you have to do your pre-reg / be registered with the GPhC before going back to Canada.
  6. I am quite aware about the 18% CaRMS rate... It is bloody ridiculous. I am hoping to stay in the UK after my degree by obtaining PR or something in one way or another, or just move to the states alltogether. CaRMS is being absolutely irresponsible for the international (and HOME/international graduates)... we deserve better treatments as future doctors who have canadian citizenship!!!
  7. HEY LIZ! THANKS!! best of luck to you as well...

    now time to prep for those 4 interviews...
  8. Hey Lizzy,

    it's going alright I guess besides the freezing weather outside this morning

    Yeah, I guess i'm pretty much ready for the interview, just a bit more prep and I should be good to roll. How was your holiday break? and have you heard anything from your other 2 uni choices? (which one are you waiting for besides Liverpool?)
  9. Isn't the UKCAT and SAT somewhat similar? I'm studying for the SAT's and finding alot of it is repeat from the UKCAT (Verbal and math portions mainly)
  10. How did you manage to score so well on the SAT's :O

    Any tips or tricks you can give would be appreciated

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