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  1. Haha thanks, though I've definitely been very lucky too!

    Same, though there are some parts that occasionally make me want to rip my eyes out I'm definitely glad I did it Sounds amazing! I'd love a chance to go travelling or something, thankfully did a year abroad last year which gave me some of that.

    I think the main things I've learnt so far are: make a bloody coherent will and (from Conflicts) if you're going to marry someone foreign or get married abroad be absolutely sure you'll stay together Conflicts seemed to be 50% spectacularly messy divorces!
  2. I'd love it to be, but I took the call on a train so kept going 'sorry didn't quite catch that', followed by 'are you sure?' and falling not very elegantly off my seat! Cool it was not...

    Haha, I wasn't certain until 3rd year. I'm still left bemused by these people who seem to have some sort of 5 point plan to partnership. I'm just happy having a job of some description!
  3. No, sorry I am a student but I have a training contract already. Errrm they're not MC size but they're not small.

    Ah OK, mine are teachers, pleased to say I won't be joining them Fair enough, I always get a bit lost when Scots law occasionally comes up, not sure why I imagine it's pretty similar stuff!
  4. No idea (should probably sort that out...) My firm does do HNW private client so could do, on the other hand my Equity essay is a distinctly unappealing prospect atm! Are you thinking of working in Scotland I guess?
  5. No problem (:
  6. Haha sorry, reading back that probably was a little confusing. I'm half-British, half-German. I lived in England until moving to the UK in year 5, and this is the first time I've been back for longer than just a holiday. I would say a mixture of both. I went to visit my dad over Christmas, and he spent at least $600 on me by giving me money to buy clothes and accessories, which was totally unexpected but I was so thankful for all of it. One time i felt exceedindly spoiled was when he bought me a 13in macbook pro, it was the best present i ever got haha. And then in addition to all the US-UK flights, my dad takes my siblings and I on nice holidays at least 3 times a year. One big holiday, and 2 little ones within the US or somewhere close like the Caribbean. This is probably where I feel the most spoiled, as I know that most people would be lucky to travel over to the U.S more than once a year and I feel incredibly lucky and privileged that my dad can afford it. And then we lived in a pretty large house in the U.S, probably about 850k when we first bought it but I would imagine its worth more now because we've done quite a lot to it. And then we are going to buy a house in the UK soonish hopefully, I doubt it will be as extravagant but still, it's nice to have two houses and i cant wait to move out of my grandparents house. What about you, apart from the awesomeness of first class do you ever feel really spoiled?
  7. Oh, thats good to hear! I actually came because of the divorce, I didn't feel comfortable living with just my dad as he works a lot and I would be on my own a lot of the time. I just didn't think i could cope with driving myself around everywhere, cooking for myself half the time, and just overall being really independent on top of school. And my siblings chose to stay in England as well. It's all for the best though, as it's easier to get into a good university as a British student than an international one, and i was always planning on going to uni here. Basically because the holiday time in the US is crap (as a new worker you would be lucky to get more than 2 weeks) and so is the time you get for maternity leave (the only country in the world that doesn't provide paid maternity leave apart from a couple of states, and unpaid is 12 weeks which is still really low).
  8. Yes, it was nice to be able to talk to someone about this sort of stuff who doesn't immediately jump to the conclusion that i'm spoiled and doesn't appreciate what I have, so thanks ! I'm at sixth form, studying chemistry, biology, economics, and maths. I saw from your profile you are studying law! Do you enjoy it? I've always considered law as an option, but i'm worried the field is too man-dominated.
  9. Haha yeah he did. My dad's side of the family comes from Oxford and are really quite posh, but my mum's side of the family comes from Essex! I'd say I'm just in the middle really. Living in Surrey, just "normal"
  10. I'm taking five AS Levels; History, Latin, Greek, Music and Maths. Greek is offered outside the regular school day, so the few of us who are taking it were told we could take a fifth subject, or have extra free periods during the regular day.

    I opted to take five, so I could add a science subject, as if I took four then I wouldn't be taking Maths. My mum is a doctor, and my older sisters have both gone into scientific fields (the eldest is a statistician, the other is studying to be a vet), so my mum is slightly disappointed that I don't want to follow them into a scientific field. Me taking one science/maths subject will get her off my case slightly! I'll probably only take Maths at AS though, I can't see me taking five at A2 level.

    University wise, I can see myself heading off to the US, where my dad is from. I like the more flexible curriculum out there, especially because you often don't have to declare a major until the second semester of sophomore year. I will of course still apply to UK unis though and am starting to compile a list of them now.

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