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  1. Sonokiba
    hey brothers,

    I will make a new one, please share.
  2. I was about to say but you have mentioned it already.....can't find your thread!
  3. Oh yeah, they must be worried that you'll convert the whole forum to Islam and we'll leave to go to a Mosque! I'll speak to the moderators myself, don't worry about it.
  4. Sonokiba
    Brothers and sisters,

    My thread has been deleted.
  5. You got my support keep me posted on what needs to be done x
  6. Get stuffed spammer, I don't want you all over my wall.
  7. Why are you being persecuted?
  8. God isn't real.
  9. You've given them what, a couple of hours? Resolving ban disputes takes longer than that on my forum of 35,000 members and TSR is about 15 times bigger than that. Be patient.

    And I don't know what I'd think in either case. I don't have all of the information, I can't see your warning/infarction history. For all I know whatever action you're complaining about (To be honest, I haven't been bothered enough to check all the links you keep throwing at me) could be the tip of the iceberg. All I know is that the mods do not actively persecute people of certain beliefs, otherwise there would be none who share your views left on TSR, which there are.

    Please stop messaging me. If your situation gets resolved, I'll be very happy for you. If not, then I'm inclined to take the side of a capable team of forum staff over yours.
  10. hahah, I decided to use this avatar merely for laughter. Good luck. :-)

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