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  1. Hmph that is an odd coincidence. I was just doing some facebook stalking, did you go to "Alsager sixth form"? If so I will add you
  2. Fair enough, I think I would probably choose somewhere less central and just take a sligtly longer commute time I think. On a side note, I am suprised people got the same price in London and Cardiff, the latter being a far cheaper place. My brother goes to uni there.
  3. By the way, do you have any idea how much accommodation generally costs? I only recently joined TSR, although I will admit I had often looked at it before I created a profile. Also, Jan until April? I thought it was more like Jan until September for Birmingham/Exeter.
  4. Ah I do believe you posted that to yourself, which means I get no notification, I was lucky I happened to be on your profile, you have to click "view conversation" and post messages there. (I know it is not finished yet, I assume you accidently pressed post, but just giving you a heads up )
  5. stickmitch
    Oops sent that too early. Won't lie to you haha. For me, for the first 4 years I'm only working jan-April so that's not really that much work, with 2 years full time at the end so I feel that's bearable.

    Currently I commute to Birmingham to Birmingham, I live about 70 miles north which is very annoying as its a long commute to and from work. My girlfriends at uni in Birmingham so I do spend a lot of time in Birmingham, I really like the city. It's a bit like a smaller version of London. It's pretty big but everything is within walking distance and the office is a 2 min walk from the city centre and 10 min walk from new street station. I think I'll end up renting in Birmingham eventually though, commuting that far is a real killer sometimes. Get up at 6.30 back at 6.30 if I finish at 5 so 12 hour day.

    Good luck with your exams! Yeah I'm 19 atm and will be 20 just before I start uni!
  6. stickmitch
    Durhams a good choice, it took me ages to decide which uni as I was stuck over Durham and Birmingham but a few nights out in Birmingham won we me over.

    Yeah I'm yet to experience busy season, back to work on Monday with a pretty hectic schedule. The hours are supposed to be pretty crazy during busy season, but long hours can be expected on any year end audit. I've already had quite a few nights where I haven't got home till 9, but then there are days when Im in the office and I finish at 5 so it evens itself out really.

    In terms of variety of work, from what I've done so far no single audit is the same as the previous one. You'll be performing the same audit work, but what can take 2 hours on one audit can take 2 days on another. Variety is usually quite good as the more work you can do and the more you learn you're given greater levels of responsibility so harder tasks. 6 years is a long time to commit and there are times when audit is extremely boring I won't lie t
  7. Ahah thank you. Worry not, the message only sent once. I have chosen Durham university so I guess our working times will not really be completely in synch, although most notably in the fourth year. Probably a bit odd when I could have chosen Birmingham uni, but it just felt right for me.

    Obviously I have done a fair amount of research on what the job involves already, and I doubt you will have experienced the so called "busy season" hours yet so you will not be able to inform me on that regard. However from what you have done so far (and obviously the work will change in the future) do you think you can see yourself manage to do it for 6 years? Or in other words, how much variety in the work is there?

    Also coming from a small village of 150 people in the middle of Shropshire, being in a large city will be quite new to me- do you already live in Birmingham or do you rent accomodation? I will need to do a lot of research in that respect later on...

    Indeed, I have heard there are more like 200 this year as opposed to 150? last year. So in that case there might be 3! We will see when they get the facebook group up anyway. And yes, I am currently in college prepping for the January exams, woohoo. I guess that means you will be 2 years older than me when we start ^^

    Oh and I nearly forgot I'm Graham
  8. Hi Stickmitch,

    I've received my official offer however when I log in to it and I click the "offer" attachment it comes up with a blank screen :confused:.

    Just wondering whether anything like this has happened to you?


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