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  1. Yeah.. so you'll be interviewed at more than one college, and this helps there to be no bias. The college you've chosen or been allocated will have no affect on whether you get in or not. From what I remember, you've already been ranked in a table that contains all the candidates for biochemistry this year according to PS, reference, grades etc. And that's what will have gotten you an interview - Well done! And then you get marked for each of your interviews, and then this is put into the "spreadsheet" let's say, and they re-rank all the candidates. Then the top 90-odd to 100 get the offers, and the others sadly won't. I think that's how it works! Aha :grin:
    I hope that all makes sense, but I need to rush off and to some work! Feel free to ask me anything again if I haven't made it very clear. And Good Luck! It's weird to think it's already been a year since I was in your position.
    PS. Oxford's cold in the winter, so bring lots of warm clothes!
  2. Hi Vanesa! Congrats on your interview; I'm sure you'll be fine! Everybody will be nervous, and I definitely was this time last year. What sort of questions have you seen? From my experience, the interviews I had were a lot more relaxed than I expected them to be, and I didn't feel like they asked any impossible questions. For me anyway, they mainly asked things that are at A-Level standard, and then built upon ideas on such topics or helped me to apply the knowledge I'd got from A-Level into different situations that I hadn't thought of doing before. But all interviews are different obviously, but remember that you can sway it into your favour and talk about something that you will feel comfortable with. I don't know how much you know about the process, but as a science student you'll be interviewed at your college of choice/the college you were given (did you say Teddy Hall?), and then you'll also get interviewed at one other college at least. I had mine at Christ Church (obviously! ) and Corpus Christi, and from talking to others different colleges do things a little differently. In ChCh I only had one interview, but in Corpus I had two: one on chemistry and the other on biology. Oh, and about if you get stuck in the interviews, just be honest, and they'll help you along the way. In my chemistry one I think I said "I really don't know" about 20 times in the space of five minutes, but the tutor just helped me along giving me little snippets of information and letting me find my own way to the answer. Also, don't worry about saying something that's wrong, because you'll probably find that when you actually start here (hopefully!) there's a lot of things they've really oversimplified for A-Level, or it's just wrong. aha!

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