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  1. Hey Zainab, alhamdulilah everythings gd Just preparing for exams. Yourself? hows ucl going.
  2. Hey, they were good. Alhamdulilah i averaged a first. Thanks for asking. I hope ur good and how did your exams go?
  3. lool, you should email your tutor or the lecturers they might tell you when your exams are. Btw how you finding dispensing?
  4. i got 5 main exams. you?
  5. Aww no no I am very behind.. my friends work so hard, they are so 'on it' it's quite depressing.. And omg tell me about calculations! I really hate it esp how we can't use a calculator D: I thought it was going to be so much easier and relaxed as well, I hate the freaking LONG practicals.. *rant over*
    Hope it all goes well for you insha'Allah!
  6. HI! I'm good thanks, how are you?
    I go to Reading uni, it's good alhamdulilah but I have A LOT of work to catch up on (need to stop procrastinating!) -__- lool
    How are you finding the course in UCL? xx
  7. im gd alhamdulillah, thanks for asking. Lol same here i got 6 exams to revise for. Its so hard to concentrate lol. Uni at times is quite stressfull though with the long practicals, long dispensing sessions and the boring lectures lol. How many exams have u got?
  8. Hey u ok? hows uni goin?
  9. Yeah true, i mean this could be our last part of our education i mean we've been working for this since all the way from primay and secondary school and just recently college. So it does play quite a big part of our lives. I'm just gonna go with the flow tbh and not thinking about it too much.
  10. hahaha not sure if im excited tbh. how about urself?

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