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  1. Hi, I'm planning on applying for a job at my local Waitrose; I have no past experience working so any tips on how my application can stand out?
  2. Hi, could you send me a copy of the unofficial Waitrose guide please? I use iWork rather than MS Office so can't enter passwords, but i would be able to view a PDF or non-protected word document. My email is Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm starting a job at Waitrose on Saturday but have my induction on Wednesday. Could you possibly tell me what to expect at my induction and whether they will throw me right into the job? I really don't want to make a hash of it...
  4. Hey, I had an interview with Waitrose yesterday and they said they would call either today or Thursday, I was wondering if anyone knows what times they usually call between.
  5. hello, do u have the login details for the waitrose branch barnet??
  6. hi, i need your help on a group interview I am going to have in a week for supermarket assistant. could you give me some tips on how to be successful please
  7. hello lucy
    i was wondering how do waitrose reference and when.
    i have done group interview and met the section manager.
    Now waiting on paerwork, when are references done and how, as dont want things to drag because someone does not do my reference.
    I gave one personal and my last job, do they go further back? Thank you
  8. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some pointers for the group interview that I have tomorrow, its probably going to be for fresh. Also I was wondering if the Waitrose guide is still active?

    Thank you.
  9. Hi, I have a group interview at my local Waitrose tomorrow and so have been stalking the Waitrose Thread... I noticed you said something about having a Waitrose guide... Could you possibly send me it? I'll be grateful forever!
  10. Hi there!!!

    As I can see everyone here is looking for your guidance, I was wondering if you can help me out as well.I got interview on coming Tuesday and I really want this.So it would be really grateful for any tips and advice.

    Thanks x

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