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  1. I :love: your avatar!
  2. hey i'm in 123/6 fountain bridge, are we neighbours?
  3. lose the attitude son
  4. DanBrwn

    I don't remember what you posted but when I neg someone it is generally because I disagree with what the person has posted and/or do not like it. Stop being butt-hurt over loosing some rep and man. Also go ahead and neg me if it makes you feel like a hard man. I give zero ****s about my rep.
  5. 7589200
    Before you lose 6 points, you meant to neg me or just pressed the wrong button?
  6. I have included the photos now, just in case you were seeking to help out...
  7. Shame you got mods deleteing it their pricks
    I'm very angry
  9. I can't get into your forums most be a glitch with your account
  10. Thats pretty sweet, and I'll bet you aren't complainin about all those models running around the place, or is that just a stereotype?ha.

    You out there full time, or just for like a year placement type thing or what? How did you land a job like that, guessing you've got a bunch of photography course type things on your cv?

    You ever considered anything like conflict photography?

    Sorry for all the questions. Its just I'm currently in uni but doubting whether I really want to be here, and as I've always liked photography I was thinking of maybe getting into that after uni, hence why I'm looking to a new SLR, so thats why I have bombared you with questions.haha

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    Dan Brown
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    Edinburgh Napier
    About me
    Just returned from New York. Worked at Brian Marcus Photography - widely considered the best int he city. Assistant photographer at a Vogue shoot. Massive shoot with the US Marshal Elite Fugitive Task Force. Published in a fine art photography book and Photographed Obama and Cameron on the lawn of the White House. And that was just the last six months.
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    Computer Science and Forensics - Edinburgh Napier, 2012

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