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  1. in summary I got BBCCC when at AS in maths, general studies, biology, chemistry and physics respectively. By end of A2's I got ABB in maths, biology and chemistry respectively and my physics went up to a B in As. Work experience is probably helped my application as I did one week of cardiology at UCL (london), one week in of haematology and GP and Manchester Royal Infirmary and in Mauritius (island in africa) i did different surgery. On top of that I did a lot of charity work within my school starting up charity projects which raised over £6000 for people in uganda and allowed us to visit our projects out there erm as for UKCAT I got 647.5 average. So long as you get above 600 you're fine personal statement took me 27 drafts... unfortunately i'm not so comfortable in sending my ps across to the world online but prepared to answer questions on it sorry its taken me so long to reply but as you can imagine its pretty hectic at uni atm please feel free to ask me any other questions!

    if you rather, contact me on as you will probably get quicker replies on that email
  2. sortedguy
    ....on a regular basis too x
  3. sortedguy
    i suck donkey balls!
  4. sortedguy
    im a massive fag
  5. ahhh I'm doing chem resit too!
    ahhhh I'm applying for medicine, so have a ton load of resits to do, cause i messed about in my first year loool >.<
    goodluck for your exams
  6. Ahah don't worry! Sometimes you think exams went bad and you've actually done well! And even if you didn't get the grade you wanted you can always resit it in June, and it will help with the synoptic paper

    Are you doing BIOL4 in jan aswell?
  7. thanks for the add

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