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  1. It was jubilant and blithe. Wa jazaki?

  2. How was your Eid?
  3. You are on the favourite ban list. Cool. Why do they always make you wait at the door? We have plenty of place here.
  4. Very sorry to hear mate. Let me know if you want a chat or anything.
  5. Exactly, it was really quite fun on the whole, I left (at least in the first interview) smiling. I hear the Trinity one is a bit more intense and you have to take an entrance test before interview as well.
  6. Haha you're fine. (thanks for the well done btw, only just saw that)

    For me and most others it seemed, all they did was ask maths questions. I got in and they told me to sit down, told me there names and that they would ask me several different maths questions. Then we started. In the first one I think they felt I was doing a little too well in the interview and so started throwing harder questions at me which I handled pretty well. The message must have gotten to my second pair of interviewers because boy did they give me hell (well at least one of them did). So yeah, just questions sat around a table with some paper. They'll nudge you in the right direction if you're stuck and just want you to communicate your thought process. Asked me some graph sketching, circle geometry, series, number theory, probability, mechanics (conservation of energy on a rollercoaster) and probably other things I'm forgetting.
  7. I am of an inadequate stature in terms of erudition and thus unable to make any sufficient appraisal. I shall however assume the position of a flunky and shower your epistle with paeans and accolades.

    I'm not taking any future view, but in fact the present view of hedonism. Hedonism is now 'Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents' and frequent excursion to Malia, Ibiza and a plethora of similar resorts. Such a degradation of my philosophy is disheartening to witness
  8. Epicureanism does not equal hedonism :yep: In fact it is quite the opposite >_< Hedonism is nowadays associated with gluttony, debauchery and imbibing lethal amounts of ethanol, all of which are anti-epicurean :yep:
  9. I personally perceive myself to be an Anarcho-Monarchist :pierre: Whereabouts I am located on the political spectrum, I do not know :beard:
  10. There is always an element of 'I thought' when you depend on the moon. :dry:

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