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  1. Hi,

    I know this is unorthodox but i was being resourceful on the internet lol. I've basically got a Ad ops interview coming up. I was wondering if there was anything profound but not to over the top, that i could mention about Ad trafficking, i.e ways to optimise it but worded better
  2. Hmm well my question was semi-rhetorical in nature - I'm currently a student at the University of Milan reading medicine in English. The entrance exam is also run by Cambridge Assessment, and it was absent from your thread.

    If it's a thread by Cambridge assessment, I was wondering whether it was a deliberate omittance, or it was a thread they had asked TSR to make up for them.
  3. I see you were the person who edited the Cambridge Assessments page.

    Do you know about the IMAT test?
  4. OI OI

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