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  1. I'm aqa.
    For history I'm also aqa
  2. It's quite funny because like you i was also contemplating politics.
    But would you recommend I just focus on the five for law?
  3. Yes once just to the playhouse and also to the open day last year.
    Really liked Lincoln college!
    Just need to get those as grades now!

    How did you revise English lit, in Particular structure the section b question?
  4. Hi thanks for the reply. I'm doing edexcel.
    I'm looking at oxford, ucl , durham, warwick and one other.
    I'm not sure if I should put an insurance if I can't contemplate going there - so my last choice will probably be Bristol!
  5. Hi

    Congrats on The offer!
    I was wondering what is the best way to prepare for the lnat and its time constraits etc
    Also any tips on approaching the interview?

    Many thanks


    Oh I couldn't help noticing your fantastic 198/200 politics score.

    I underperfromed with a score of 86, how did you manage to achieve such a high score. Revision tips and regime for politics would be appreciated for politics, especially with a week to go!
  6. I'll be seeing you there in October
  7. Have you heard back?
  8. Yh i feel sorry for cambridge applicants too :/ ..Nope i haven't had more info..apparently colleges don't reply to your interview reply just go in on the day that you put down and they might have some activities arranged for you on that day aswell.
  9. I'm actually so excited! I think for our college there'll be about 18 candidates interviewed for law.
  10. rdsnell
    Likewise really. I've read a couple more books and looked over my EPQ stuff to make sure I'm watertight. I've also done some internet reading related to stuff mentioned in my PS. But yeah, coming over as rehearsed is probably the worst impression to make, I just don't want to be caught out on something obvious.

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  • About rdsnell

    Academic Info
    Applying for Law (2012 entry)
    Balliol College, Oxford - Offer AAA - Firm
    Birmingham - Offer AAA/A*AB - Declined
    Durham (Politics via substitute PS) - Offer AAA -Declined
    Durham (Law) - Withdrawn
    Warwick - Withdrawn

    GCSE Grades:
    A* - English Literature
    A* - English Language
    A* - History
    A* - Geography
    A* - Maths
    A* - Relgious Studies
    A - Biology
    A - Chemistry
    A - Physics
    A - French
    Distinction - Information Technology
    B - Free Standing Maths Qualification

    AS Grades:
    Government and Politics - 198/200 - 99% - A
    History - 194/200 - 97% - A
    English Language - 171/200 - 85.5% - A
    English Literature - 170/200 - 85% - A

    A2 Predictions:
    Government and Politics - A*
    History - A*
    English Language - A*
    English Literature - A*

    Also doing an Extended Project on the Iraq War (predicted A*)

    One week of word experience at Pinsent Masons (Leeds).

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