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  1. Ahh okay, lucky you have job Where do you work? I just applied for a waitress position at Pizza Hut. I would also go to the gym if I had the money :P So yeah as soon as I get a job, gym it is ooh, I still haven't started my student finance, well that's because I haven't firmed a place yet >.< Still confused, I want to firm King's but just want to see Durham first too. Nope, the Guy's campus is on London Bridge and Waterloo campus is called the Waterloo campus They said we might have some lectures at that campus too. But yeah haha I get mixed up too, no worries

    Yes, I'm also still unsure about accommodation. I definitely want to get a place in the halls, like the nearest halls to Guy's is Wolfson (sp?) House but then it's not guaranteed because of the stupid M25 thing. But, yeah I don't mind teaming up with some other KCL freshers who live in London. Would that be private accommodation then? Ahh for you it's six months, for us it's a year Wow, that sounds sooo good (spesh the sexy Frenchies part) and Central Paris

    For us, it's you can go to University of North Carolina/University of Melbourne/University of Singapore/University of California and some renowned university in Stockholm for the whole year. I like the sound of Melbourne

    Really? Oh, the snobby types? Yeah I've heard a lot of people say a lot of Oxford rejects go there :P and tend to be the snooty types, the rich ones : (major stereotype)
    Well I am inclining more towards King's, I just want to see Durham. What college did you apply for anws? I applied for Trevelyan (sp?) and got accepted there.

  2. Ahh okay, how comes it's all hectic? I've been bored out of my mind tbh, just been reading/painting/drawing/a bit of guitar playing/driving lessons etc :P and looking for a job, it's crazy, I got rejected by Tescos a few weeks ago :/ THANK YOU! Haha yup, so far this gap year is going well *touchwood* Just waiting on results now... Yeah I'm inclining towards King's more and the post-offer day was amazing Too bad you're at the Waterloo campus though if we firm King's will definitely see you around the student union etc. What are you thinking about accommodation? I saw the halls at Guy's campus they were around £4000 and they were alright I guess. But, I'm still thinking to move out Also, going for a year abroad in your 2nd year seems so cool, right?

    I'd like to see Durham too, I got a letter in the post, been accepted at Trevelyan (sp?) College and imma go to the open day in March and stay overnight at the college just to get a feel. Have you been to your Durham open day?

    [/essay] *apologies*
  3. Hey!! I haven't spoken to you in ages! How's everything going? Also wanted to tell you I got an offer from Durham last week So now I'm stuck between King's and Durham Haha, have you decided where to go? I went on the King's post-offer open day last week, also seems great but still so unsure about whether to get accommodation. I hope you're well, speak to you sooon xxx
  4. You should! I quite enjoyed the thing, exhausting though it was (I took the overnight from Edinburgh the night before and woke up at four) but the day was lovely and I caught up on my Londoning. Indeed I shall (to both).

    Hm. Wouldn't it be more fun to be mortal enemies before we start at Kings so that we don't have to bother searching for one?

    Ah, excellent! I have something to show you, then.

    AD FELEM by Reynold Nicholson

    (Beatissimum, luxuriae amantissimum, sapienter

    Abu Hurairah ! Father of the Kitten !
    Persian thy name, but Caledonia thee
    Nursed into contemplative eld unsmitten
    By hurtling tile or canine cruelty.

    Cushioned on sofas soft as sleep thou liest,
    Dreaming, no doubt, of dinner or of tea ;
    For Epicurus claims thee as the slyest
    Disciple of his own philosophy.

    Gurbah ! how blest art thou among thy fellows.
    How far above the lot of such as me !
    Time that all else doth canker only mellows
    Thy most superlative placidity.

    The cry of myriads, " Mayst thou live for ever ! "
    Lavished on Sultans is deserved by thee ;
    No heads from hapless shoulders thott dost sever,
    On thieves alone thy paw falls heavily.

    By sudden stroke thou surely shalt not perish,
    But lapt in some delicious phantasy,
    And thy remembrance one at least will cherish,
    And one at least, sweet Gurbah, mourn for thee.
    Qu'est-ce que t'en penses?

    I'd known of Nicholson for years as the greatest translator of Persian poetry into English, but only found out recently he wrote verse in his own right. He also has some wonderfully-chosen words for the pragmatists and their view of we artsy sorts.
  5. It's a sort of mixed (BA) course that combines a course about what learning is, especially as it relates to study in London, a language course and a mix of Arts subjects. You end up doing one of those subjects to the extent that you would in a dual honours degree while still having a few options to do other things. It seems like an incredibly interesting programme all around and at the open day they were talking about how, as we are the first batch, they're going to give us a lot of support and guidance. Of course that also means at some level there's more pressure mais encore.

    Ah, there I go rambling!

    As for Khalil Gibran, I confess I never much cared for his work... That though was probably brought on to some extent by people constantly trying to get me to read it (I think because I share his name.) It never quite struck the heart, as I think poetry ought to. Hemingway though I love. I was just talking about his work with someone yesterday.

    Hmmmmmmmm. What's your opinion on cats?
  6. Spiffing! I do the same thing. Indeed now I know that my usual disclaimers for dear, darling, love and the like are quite unnecessary.

    I shall! And very possibly doing French at that. (I'm in for Liberal Arts, so I have a pretty wide variety of choices.)

    Favourite author?
  7. Ooh! Congratulations!

    I'm spamming offer-holders. I see you too are a language and book addict? What course are you doing this coming year?
  8. By the way, where I said "bag", I really meant to say "back"

    more than a little bit embarrassed lol
  9. My god, aren't you keen lol
  10. Your signature image made me spit coffee through my nose. I hate you, but feel you deserve reps nonetheless.

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