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  1. Heyyy
    It went really well, got a place, its my firm choice and I'm unconditional as long as I get all the forms in on time!!
    What about you?
  2. Hey man, was checking out the med stalking page and saw that yo had an interview in manchester on the same day as i do! I thought maybe we could share information and stuff, the interview actually seems strange to mee.... hope i dont come off as strange!
  3. hey, I was talking to you on the manchester med page about a week ago and noticed youve managed to get a job as a HCA. how did you do that? I really want one!
    Oh and unfortunately I'm going to build schools and stuff in June, we're not on the same Ghana placement haha
  4. Hey, I was browsing through the applicants profile and saw yours that was posted some 3 weeks ago. Hope I'm not probing (You can ignore this if it's annoying ). Your grades and ukcat scores are great and the work experience and ecs looks really good too, did the schools offer any reason for rejection? I'm thinking of applying to similar schools that you did, (Keele, Manchester, Bristol) but my application profile is wayyyyyyy terrible and my ukcat is an embarrassment so thought I'd check things out before blowing myself up in the application. Thanks
  5. rozca
    woah lots of questions! ... hey :-) (il answer them when i get the time/if i remember )
  6. You got rejected without interviews too? Join the club :P

    Definitely going to give it my all this year, and make the most of the year I have free!

    How about you, hows it going? Done your UKCAT? Decided where to apply? Let me know!

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