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  1. Alright? I see you are a current student at Barts, I was just wondering if you could tell me a little bit about the area and how expensive it is to live there?
  2. Hey , congrats on newcastle interview what are you stats ?
  3. I LOVE your avatar
  4. done fam
  5. Your inbox was full so Im just gonna post it here.

    Hey there! Sorry about the long reply, its just with exams etc i havent been on much! What are you applying for? I applied for medicine and got 680 but I definately think the UKCAT is one of the hardest bits of the whole process. Saying that I got 4 interviews from my score and 3 offers. Hmmm....I did mine at the end of August...I personally thought this was best because it gives you time to concentrate on your personal statement and UCAS application from then on. I would advise doing a little bit each day over summer and youll notice that you gradually get better. I got the 600Q book which is quite a lot harder than the actual thing (esp maths) but it was good. The test at the back is so much harder but scares you into working at it more. I also signed up for an online practice UKCAT website...i dunno how good it was alot easier than the actual thing but good at getting me used to the computer!


    get familiar with your computers calculator ie shortcuts such as * for multiply and / for divide, saves you time rather than pushing individual buttons on the calculator onscreen. use the keypad to control the calculator

    do a little bit each day gradually increasing

    write down what the symbols stand for in the code breaking ones

    practice is best for abstract BOOK I USED

    I forget what the website was called

    But concentrate on your exams now and get the best you can

    I know how much you want this...its really hard and causes a lot of worry but youll get there! Good luck

    Oh and enjoy your gap year...its probably a blessing in disguise you should totally go travelling and all before you start uni!


    Oh and if you have any more questions you know where i am.
  6. Someone's got junk in their trunk



    I get the hint *Rolls eyes*
  7. Meow =^.^=
  8. Wouldn't let me private message you...weird
    Heyyy, I kinda cheated by answering that question. I did the UKCAT in 2011 but that still counts right?? I got 650, honestly no idea how. Your best bet is to use that's what I used. Although I did go on one of those ridiculously over priced revision courses which was straight out a waste of money. I'm not sure when to advise you to redo it, I did mine in late September because I knew I would have no motivation to study for it during the summer and wanted to wait to get back into the hang of school and doing work before I did it. I'm a first year medic in Cardiff now, so major exam stress at the minute. I think your key is also to apply to places that don't rely to heavily on UKCAT results like Liverpool and Cardiff. Really not sure of where else. I genuinely hope you get the results you need and do really well in the UKCAT, feel free to mail me back if you have any other questions about applying or anything and I'll do my best to help!!!
  9. I guess I find hardcore revision works best but maybe thats just me, that way you don't get bored and complacent if you do the Kaplan course they say do the test 2/3 weeks after (I cant really remember) but do as they say because tbh they know best!

    I didnt do over much prep before the course (mainly because I only had the books). Slightly unrelated but I wish i'd taken my driving test within a month of learning to drive because that was when I was most focused! I think the same logic applies to the UKCAT. If you do loads of practice way before, a few weeks before your test you may think ahh I've done loads and relax, maybe.

    Also the earlier you do it the more you can base where you apply to on your UKCAT ie low score = places that dont really care, high score = places that use it loads

    Plus if you get your application in early september I think you'll stand a better chance
  10. give me a rep!

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