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  1. Are you in that Youtube video from your sig? Watched all of it, ****ing funny ****ers.
  2. Did you honestly take MD every day for a week with the amounts stated? And was it pure? So you did around 3 grams in a week right? -Your brain would be absolutely ****ered, son.
  3. Hey, do you study at university at all?
  4. No, don't worry! Im a first year student starting again too, except im moving from Bournemouth uni to exeter from psychology to Law, so the standard is much higher so i'm a little worried!

    Im contemplating ringing the accommodation office and asking if I can move to cheaper accommodation as I think there will be more down to earth people there if you get what I mean.

    I don't care if people are snobby as such, I just want to have a good time there! I went on a thread 'Is Exeter Fun' and there was literally a video of these people doing the milk challenge and under the video the girl wrote 'now tell me that isnt fun XD' i almost cried my eyes out.

    Overall, I'm just worried I'm not going to find others like me!
  5. hey you said to pm you if we had any questions about Exeter so I hope you don't mind me mithering you aha. I'm basically having to decide whether to accept my offer to study Physics there this year or apply somewhere else next year (after another year at college, I didn't finish maths A2 so I couldn't apply to many places). I'm worried I won't "fit in" to Exeter as such as I'm from up north and not from a private school etc, just worried cos the TSR impression of Exeter seems to be that it's quite snobby/boring? Guess I'm just asking whether you're glad you went there or if you wish you'd applied elsewhere and if there's anything else you could tell me about the general atmosphere of the place...
  6. I chose Birks grange self. I'm really worried that the people at exeter are gona be really boring and snobby. I like really down to earth people who like having a good time and dont look down on others. The idea of dancing to cheese music makes me want to stab myself. What course are you doing?
  7. Hi,
  8. Haha I can't wait to get out of there permanently! There's a few people on here from TQ. One of the moderators too.

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