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  1. Thank you for that reply on the EU referendum. I have no strong views for/against the EU, so for you to have answered my questions is great. Thanks!
  2. Horrible avatar. Britain seems to be the lair of euroscepticism. My country [region] isn't even in the EU but Denmark is; I cannot imagine otherwise.
  3. oh i saw the crown pic lol!

    anyhow i totally agree we need to leave before it's too late
    If we lose the pound it might be impossible to turn back!
  4. i love the patriotic anti-eu stance you seem to have!
  5. i love the patriotic anti-eu stance you seem to have!
  6. Thanks
  7. By the looks of my timetable at the moment, we don't have Tuesday 9-12. It's 10-12, but there are clashes of BSP and CCP for both hours (they clash with each other at 10am and at 11am)... If you can explain what that means, feel free to explain! Hahaha. But yeah, three and a half hours of labs on Monday morning and Friday afternoon, which another BSP and CCP clash on Friday at 12pm.
  8. Hey Chris, just have two more questions regarding our timetables. I've noticed that at the moment, I have nothing timetabled on a Thursday. Obviously, I haven't picked my optional modules yet, but I wanted an idea of when they were timetabled? Are they all one the same day, usually?

    And regarding labs, I see that there's two sessions of 3.5 hours. Do you have to go to both of them and stay throughout, or is it a matter of doing the work you're given and then you're free to leave?
  9. Okay, sounds pretty cool. I'll sort that out when I get up there. And I just checked my Calculator and it looks like I'm pretty good, so thanks for the heads up.

    On the discussion of exams, what are the exams like? I mean, I'm not really from a University background in any case, let alone Chemistry. I've not really had a chance to look into what the examination methodology is like. Seeing as how you've only done one year yourself, you can't really give information on the whole course, obviously. But what will we be facing in the first year at UEA? Is it end of year exams, one on each module, two-hour, three-hour, blah blah blah?
  10. Thanks for the response, buddy. I've been looking to try and get used to using larger textbooks, so I just wanted an idea of how large they are. I should think they'd probably supply them, considering we have the increased fees, haha.

    Did they give you guys a lab coat? I may have to look into buying one. Where do you recommend looking to get one?

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