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  1. Sorry about the late reply, I'm dreadful i know. Did you decide on where to go in the end? My offer from Edinburgh was unconditional so that pretty much decided it for me.
  2. Sorry it's taken me blooming ages to reply - been a stressful few weeks trying to get English cw sorted and start my French speaking plan - argh!

    Haha I've withdrawn my UCL offer now. My interview was nice but my critical commentary was on some weird poem that I couldn't even begin to understand and I just talked about the first person and the enigmatic speaker for about 3 sides of A4, OH DEAR :')
    Firmed Edinburgh and Insurance-d (?) Manc now, even though the grades are higher paha.

    I've applied Robertson's Close, Nicolson St and South Clerk St - they're all self catered flats. The only halls are catered ones at Edinburgh and they're in Pollock Halls and apparently the food is a bit crap. I'm only tiny height-wise so I don't eat much - wouldn't justify an extra £50 a week just for them to give me food.

    Haha I went for a wander round and looked at Brasenose - very pretty
    St John's was really competitive as well - they always do really well in the Norrington table and it's a really big college and quite chilled out etc. But meh, not too bitter because I got my Edinburgh offer - 179 days to go!

    Have you heard from UCL or Durham yet? Decided what you're going to do? (*cough* Edinburgh *cough*) x
  3. What time was yours at? I only saw two other girls, one was with her mum and one applied to Cardiff I think, unless you were in the room when we had to do our weird critical commentary tasks?
    Edinburgh for the win tbh - I've already applied for accommodation and I'm soooooo damn excited. Plus I don't think my UCL interview went particularly swimmingly, to say the least :')

    I applied for St John's - what about you? x
  4. I'm still waiting on UCL too - had my interview on the 25th January
    I thought I was going to be really torn, but when I think back to how much I completely fell in love with Edinburgh as a city when I got there, I know what my choice is. Plus, I'll be moving to London after uni anyway so I quite want to experience living somewhere else, I like the fact that EVERYONE does four years (when I get back from my year abroad everyone will still be there) and I think the whole having to do three subjects in your first and possibly second year is a really good idea to be honest, means that you get more breadth of knowledge and spices things up a bit.
    Plus Edinburgh gets voted most desirable place to live in the UK, and its the like world city of literature or something. I just personally adore it, but it's your choice at the end of the day x
  5. Yes! So exciting, isn't it?
    I applied Oxford, Edinburgh, UCL, Manc, L'pool, in that order of preference, so Edinburgh it is!
    What about you? x
  6. Hiya! Looks like we got the decision from Edinburgh at the same time... it's interesting to see someone else applying for the same course. just thought I'd drop a line in to say hi anyway

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