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  1. Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking but I saw that you were sending some of your essays on the triumph of Elizabeth to another TSR member and was just wondering if you would mind sending them to me too? I have got 2 essays on the last years of Elizabeth's reign which I got A+ in and one on foreign policy which I got an A in, so If you wanted to do an exchange I'd be happy to send you mine. I'm particularly struggling with religion for both Elizabeth's reign and the reign of Mary and Edward. My email is and it would be hugely appreciated!
  2. Yes, alright, maybe, possibly, one day. xxxx
  3. still haven't posted anything yet... BUT ALL WILL CHANGE! Anyway Jennykins, you ravishing rollercoaster of refinement, how's life treating you? and I ask because however much I love talking to you, I haven't know you for that long... sad, eh? so yeah, stay smart n' sexy n' stuff xxx
  4. flirtatious? me? only with you and will do xxx
  5. oh we're kissing now, are we? I've only updated my 'about me' page, not sure where to start really xx
  6. found you! It's Alastair, by the way
  7. i dont understand what threads are... haha x
  8. I'm on now
  9. I got on! xx
  10. I got internships at a magazine and the Foreign Office.. I mean, its not so much getting relevant work experience but just anything that shows a passion for the subject.

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