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  1. Wow, well done! :adore: One of my friends goes to Sheffield and he loves it! Good luck with getting the results you need!

    I'm great thank you! Just enjoying what I have left of my Easter holidays! :borat:
  2. Hey Ariadne! :daydreaming: How is your uni application going?!

    Scribble back! :suith: xx
  3. hey is that you in the photo, just a little curious
  4. got a question for you lol

    for DA in the actual test when it asks for 2 answers and i got one out of the two wrong do i get half marks for that question i.e 600 score or do i get the whole question wrong.
    i have just done the mock in the 600q book and i got a score of 642 out of 900. is that my actual score, or do i do 642/900x600+300=728 which gives me a greater score.
    and last question how does the actual DA test compare to the mock in the 600q book.
  5. Haha yes thank god. In saying that I don't see the point in the ukcat! lol
  6. i will give you some rep just to make up soon
  7. what do you mean you have special privillages
  8. hey soz for the neg rep i was supposed to positive rep you.
    btw how do you know who has negative repped you???
  9. Thankyou! nah not doing BMAT, you?
  10. jeez soo, with ukcat score like that you'll breeze through the doors of uni's! well done!
    I've still to do mine, nervous wreck now! lol

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