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  1. Hey sorr for the late reply (again lol). Yeah I came from a state school umm I'm not sure if it impacted it or not to be honest I don't really know but best of luck when you apply, you started your PS yet?
  2. I still haven't heard back from JP yet :\
    Aha nice one! So how do you plan on doing both programmes cos they clash, have you negotiated with sutton yet?
    They should allow you to attend JP for the day; what a amazing opportunity!
    But you may be faced with an opportunity cost. o_O
  3. Hey sorry for the late reply, yeah I think my PS probably did swing it for me (at least I hope it did I spent the whoe summer doing it lol) and I think my reference was quite good aswell so yeah that must of done it, I know my grades arent the typical like 5A*s lol. Are you applying in september?
  4. Hey there, sorry for the late reply!

    The group is

    Is under the diversity part at the bottom of the page. I guess the application cycle will start again towards the end of the year.
  6. Oh and too add I went to a few lectures at LSE on mathys stuff and stats which made me look keen :d
  7. Hey, yeah it was a pain but I didn't come from a very strong school and had a lot of personal distractions which caused my results to plummet. Luckily, for maths and econ they don't put as much emphasis on GCSEs as they would for other subjects so we're in luck here!

    I had an insight day at RBS during year 12 and worked towards a nice round on internships at Credit Suisse in year 13. I am head boy too so have a lot of experience at school events and presenting. As well as playing high level table tennis and having a weekend job as a football referee which is also at a high level. I think this all mounted up to me having quite a nice personal statement to supplement my application but I think I might have done a lot more than expected.
  8. I just got the letter an hour ago - got rejected Have you heard back yet?
    But, I got offered a place on an alternative programme called Advantage.
    A residential summer school between 23rd - 25th July
  9. I hope so... We just have to wait and see; there both such amazing opprtunities :|
  10. I haven't heard back either, should be this week.
    I'll let you know as soon as I hear from them.
    Have you applied to JP?
    I'm most likely to submit my application later today..

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