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  1. Hey, im pretty much in the EXACT situation as you. Got AAA and applying in my gap year while doing an extra A level. I was just wondering what your university offers were. Thanks
  2. hey did you get an offer from LSE considering you have already achieved the grades???
  3. Nope not yet either! as I only applied on the 10th December. Good Luck to you too mate!
  4. Yeah Durhams the best in the country! Yeah im okay! I'm training to be on the GB team for next year but yeahh... Have you got any offers yet?
  5. erm predicted ABB but personal statement and reference is pretty good. Also as I am a fulltime rower I didnt have enough time to work but now that I stopped to do well in exams in jan so I can pull my grades back to what my full capabilities are. As a whole I rather go into corporate banking as a whole though
  6. I dont really want to do any of those kinds of courses. I'm looking to go into corporate/ investment banking not accounting. Oh you applied for the kpmg course at durham?
  7. Business Studies, Government and Politcs and ICT. Dropped my AS subject as I simply sucked at it! erm Loughbourgh, Reading, UEA and Oxford Brookes. What about you?
  8. I applied like a week and a bit ago. what subjects do you do anyway?
  9. have you got an offer from durham yet?

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