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  1. you free to come online ?
  2. yo !
  3. I got confused as we had ammonium chloride and ammonium ions rather than ammonia.
  4. Remember that question you were talking about?
    Take a look at this:
    Right at the bottom of the page.
  5. Yeah I know if you knew the colours you can make most of it out, anyways going to sleep now good luck for tomorrow.
  6. so was my equation wrong why? how
  7. no i got everything correct apart from not x40 but how they got 40 i know they did 1000/25 but why not did 25/1000 cause thats how u do it right?
  8. thanks so will get the mark ? and why they x 40 cause should be 25/100?
  9. showing it to you (explaining the chromium question). Now for revision time.
  10. guys ?
    if i write
    h2o2 + H+ + e- gives 1/2o2 +h2o is correct ?

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