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  1. I don't think he can help it, really.
  2. magic, it's gone.
    I find it interesting the way people can twist logical statements into illogical and unfound questions. "You are okay with ethnic people living in white countries? Are you anti-white? Do you eat white babies for breakfast, etc..." Don't get riled up by it. Stupid is as stupid does.
  3. Why, hello there :sexface:
  4. Can I ask about your passion for Illuminati?
  5. Hey have u had your bio ISA on sucrose conc?
  6. hey man, about your offer to help me in biology AGES ago? do you think you could help me with unit 2 / unit 3 (which ever one you want to call it) please? :3
  7. So you alive! :P you didnt turn up last night !
  8. Lol I'm not too bothered about rep, it doesn't matter if you can't :P
  9. Sorry, just seen this , I normally get updates messaged to me. Applied to sheffield, bristol, nottingham and oxford (rejection from them the b******s)
  10. I know a few people doing biomed, looks really interesting. I'm hoping to do medicine, which I guess is similar to biomed on academic terms. Just we'll be giving 70 year old men prostate exams and you guys will be finding cures :P

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    Willing to help with any Biology questions (A Level and below). Just PM or quote me

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