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  1. Need to do some programming for a uni project... how have u been? Where are you? Stiill keep in touch with the others from the thread.
  2. LOOOOL, man. The jokes between Nigerians / Ghanaians never fail to crack me up. We (Somalis) tend to get violated quite often though.

    Btw, what ever happened to the AF-SOC and is it still about?
  3. Only 2 more years lol.

    It's mad.
  4. Cuz,

    Ghanaians have got the movie game on lock.

    I need to send this to Polarity LOOL.
  5. You pushed me onto 8 gems! Thank you! :jumphug: Mind, it was probably more of an achievement when there was neg rep...still, thanks!
  6. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Ah cool, sounds interesting Haha what's logic about?

    I'm at Warwick, what about you?
  7. 4mar_ar5en4l
    HEY :woo:
    How're you? What you doing now??

    I'm okay, got into uni, doing maths and having a pretty good time (except for all the work, which is really annoying!)
  8. Not bad at all Broseph. A little sad that the holidays are coming up soon though and I can't keep living in the Castle after this year. Ah well~

    How are you at University?
  9. cool name bro! XD
  10. :ninja:


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