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  1. Heya i was looking at you medicine application. I was wondering why UCL rejected you twice because you have good GCSE grades and AS/A level grades as well as a good BMAT score for both years? Seems a bit odd, hope you don't mind me asking

  2. Hiya! What time did you have your interview on 1st feb! and when/what time did you hear you had an offer! well done! I also had an interview then aha, so bit nervous now!
  3. You got negged because you didn't really stand a chance at any of the unis you applied to
  4. Oh! best of luck i hope you do great !! how tough is the BMAT my friends are complaining because they have to do physics and its apparently really hard like A level standard despite it testing 'GCSE knowledge' the essay section looks tough too but i did RE and Psychology at AS (carried RE forward) and got an A in both so i hope my essay skills come in handy

    Thank you
  5. Ct do you mind if I ask why UCL rejected you? you had strong academics and a strong BMAT score, surely they would have interviewed you?
  6. I think you're getting negged on the applicant profiles because you made bad decisions in picking the unis to apply to.

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