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  1. Hey,

    Im doing edexcel economics this year and just wondering how you did / any tips??

    thank you
  2. Hey u there???
  3. I haven't done it yet, mean that despite not firming it I think I can apply through their system on the 2nd of April too! It should be ok as long as you do it on the 2nd of April, would be pretty harsh if someone gets to do it first because they wake up early in the morning! Yeah still deciding :P
  4. Yash - I think I can apply for bath accommodation, having not decided yet. I'm not too sure what its going to ask me to select, but I'm going to try enter Malbrough then salsbury (if its seperate) then Woodland court. I'm going to make up some crap about being a vegetarian hindu who needs to pray in the morning and that's why I should be priority for my first choice accommodation
  5. Yeahh that's the beauty of bath. You get the amazing sites and the city itself then for an awesome nightlife it's like a 10min journey away!
  6. LOL seriously does! I've been to about 10 uni's and Bath just blew me awayyy! HEY! Be proud to be a princess and lol ah awesome, should have guessed! Ahaha no, mines Eliz-Leyla (turkish name LOL)
  7. ahhh it's absolutely gorgeous! Same LOL has to be en-suite and self-catered. Ngl, I'm such a princess when it comes to accomodation and food LOL. I'm stuck between Woodland court OR sols/marbs one. Not sure LOL what's your name btw
  8. Oh LOL right... I've never left my part of london tbh LOL (North like near Enfield). And yeahh! It's amazing LOL wby? Have you decided on accommodation?
  9. Not gonna lie LOL no where the hell is that? I'm from London lol I'm sure you've heard of that
  10. Ah awesome. Yeah I firmed it for Sociology and Social Policy. Where you fromm?

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    I like to party. Hahahah.

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