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  1. HEYY did you firm bath? jw lol
  2. Hi, my offer letter says, AA in 2 A-Levels in 2012. That is odd! Has your school declared it? Maybe contact them?
  3. Yes, sure, I'd be glad to help
  4. hahaha nahh theyre not that great, and completely useless for every other uni :/ im happy with the course i settled with yeah this is pretty cool, not many ppl on tsr applying to fitz. So why fitz for you? I applied because I did this land ec essay competition thing by fitz and the DoS gave me a commendation
  5. Oh damn i wanted to do economics as well its prolly a good thing for you to not hear from them right now, i think theyre busy sending out rejections first. with your predicted grades im sure you'll be fine! same, dreading the interview good luck to you too!!
  6. Hey. That's awesome what did you apply for? and no I haven't! Getting a bit worried, I really should be receiving something about sending in school work and writing an essay for them. You heard nothing about the fee status or wtever yeah?

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    McGill University- Economics and Finance (Honours Bitch)
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    McGill University- Class of 2015/16
    I like to party. Hahahah.

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