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  1. Haha, well it's actually been one of the best I've ever had if you can believe that. Thanks very much!
  2. Hey, thanks for the rep. Have a great day.
  3. Competing not Bragging and life is a competition to get employment,services,offers,mates ,people's time etc its all about beating other people its on some Biology exams about how animals compete over so many things.In Biology we can learn that its all about survival of the fittest and how is that not competing against other people.I have also never really been arrogant because I have had reason for what I've said like I have performed right at the top in the exams so I'm one of the best but there are people, who can compete with me.
  4. I enjoy it its all a big competition to win.
  5. I thought that I would mess around and try a few things and be a bit silly but I have got a warning from it so I am now only going to post at size 5 level
  6. I thought The Student Room was full of sensible people...

    I WAS WRONG >.<
  7. The thread is closed D: I may cry...
  8. Yes.... The squirrels... They are watching us... Well, they will be when they have finished hunting that ****ing imbecilic maths-destroyer down D:< HE MUST BE EATEN BY RABID SQUIRRELS WITH BARBEQUE SAUCE AND A SIDE OF MATHS PROOFS! D:< <3
  9. They're always watching behind their issues of 'Guns & Ammo' with all those lovely M-16s and AK-47s XD <3
  10. me and you have some electron density going on :sexface:

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    I want to be like Jane Goodall
    Addicted to LUSH cosmetics :teehee:
    Takes photos of animals
    Eco warrior
    OneRepublic fan
    I volunteer for the Aspinall Foundation
    Generally a happy person
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    Going to Plymouth in September to read environmental science
    Got 3Bs and a C at A level (chem, maths, history and f.maths) and 3A*, 3A and 2B at GCSE.
    Baking :lovedup:
    Wildlife conservation
    I like to act when I can be bothered

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