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  1. I'm sorry but I can't really remember, it's 2 years ago that I wrote it now! I think I started off with why I wanted to study Pol/Phil..
  2. ummm I talked about my extra-curricular stuff (of which there is a wide variety) my appropriate work experience (placement with an MP in Westminster), why I wanted to do Pol/Phil and which areas of each particularly interested me, what I thought I might want to do with my degree, and I think I also talked about a few books I'd read. whatever you do, don't put quotes in your PS!
  3. Then definitely go for it! Make sure you have a good personal statement, they just want to see that you're passionate about your subject(s). People that have AAAAA at AS level get rejected from LSE, whereas people like me get in, so give it a go. At the end of the day, it's only one of five choices, and if you really want to go, then apply! Feel free to ask me if you have any other question about the application, and I'm moving into halls this weekend so let me know if you ever want to know anything about LSE itself.
  4. It depends what you mean by bad grades to be honest, obviously the better your grades are, the better your chance is. I had AABB at AS level, which isn't excellent, but they put a lot of emphasis on personal statements etc.
  5. how bad?
  6. ( message tooo long. here is the rest )
    most importantly, show how passionate you are about Politics. Outline why you want to Study it and why you are so interested in it. A good idea may be to look at the modules at SSEES and what is taught- that will give you an idea of what they want their students to be interested in.
    if you dont mind me asking, what were youre alevel results? Realistically, competition is tough and the minimum grade offer they give is AAB- if you think you are capable of achieving at least AAB give it a shot. IT's a great course and a great university so try
  7. Hello, thanks for the message.
    I got told that the most amount of people ever applied for PEES at SSEES last year, so they really did take into consideration both your grades and your personal statement.
    Although I did apply for Politics and Philosophy everywhere else, I spoke about Political Philosophy and Ethics- making it link into the political points I was making- such as Human Rights and how it is intrinsically linked to Politics.
    Further tot this, you MUST talk about Eastern Europe- they pretty much said they didnt consider anyone who didn't mention it. I spent a good paragraph on this- i spoke about my study of Russia in A2 History and what books I have read- such as the making of modern russia and the Soviet Union 1917- . Aim to mention 2 books each paragraph.

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