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  1. hi there, or ciao! I will study Business Management at Surrey from septemb.U too?
  2. Wow a diplomatic, that sounds important! My gran lives right next to Richmond too, next to the river thames. I think where she lives is called ham but i'm not totally sure. It's a pretty nice place up there. You have similar aims as me actually. I hope to get into a company like google or IBM and then move to the states somehow. Not exactly sure how i'm going to get in, but it seems so much more exciting over there than here. But I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. I'm Josh by the way, as you may have figured. You haven't told me yours yet
  3. Ah yea my predicted grades matched the offer. It's really unfair though because if I wasn't predicted those grades then I may not have got an interview. The whole thing is a bit strangely done really. That sounds so stressful compared to A levels! Especially as there is always one section of subjects which people find hard. So for me that's languages and english. So to take every kind of subject must be intense. I live in southampton, where abouts have you moved to? Italy sounds great, I haven't been unfortunately but I hear it's pretty. Why did you decide to come over to the UK? And where abouts do you live nowadays?
  4. Oh i'm still doing my A levels, i'm not at surrey yet. So i haven't met my grades yet. The offer is AAB they gave me though which is pretty insane and my AS results werent as good as that so i'll have to do really good this year. But i'm hoping they may let me in if I miss by one. Where are you from originally? If english is not your first language you are really good at it! Sorry to sound naive, but what is the IB? I don't think any colleges around me offer it. How is it different to A levels? yup, hopefully! i can't wait to meet new people at uni going to be great
  5. Theres no need to lose sleep over it If you have done some background reading you are more than well prepared. Without wanting to sound patronising by stating the obvious, they will most likely just ask you 'why do you want to do business management' and 'why surrey?' so just prepare a couple of answers for them and give some reasonable answers in the interview and you'll get an offer. Ahh don't make my mistake though. When the guy asked me 'why surrey?' i said 'I want to go to sussex because'. I keep getting them mixed up :| The guy took it well but I don't think it did me any favours :P If you are predicted the grades, you will most likely get an offer if you attend an interview. I heard that uni applications are down 13% this year so it will be much less competitive than last. Plus i heard that they are only down 1% for medicine, dentistry and those kind of courses so it will probably be down like 15% for business or something like that. If you get invited to a UCAS day it's because they want to give you an offer but want to convince you to come to the uni so their offer isn't wasted. The day after, I actually got a call from a member of staff asking me if I had a nice day, any more questions and saying they hope to see me next september! which was sweet, but maybe they are worried about not filling places :P good luck with it all and I hope you're prayers/witchcraft/superpowers work for you
  6. Then I went and had a small group activity computer science based and then went home. Surrey is really gaining in status which is why they are raising their entry so much so it's a good uni to get involved with. For a subject like business it would probably be really good for the placement year. The student union is good, a pretty large club for students and stuff and accommodation is really nice too, much more spacious than any other university I have visited. You'll love it if you haven't been there and I wish you the best of luck when you do! If you have any other questions then give me a shout hope that helps!
  7. Hey there! Business management sounds awesome, best of luck with it! That is pretty late, shouldn't your predicted be based on your AS results? more exams sounds stressful anyway, if you haven't been to surrey yet you'll immediately see how modern all the buildings are but how beautiful the campus is. There's lovely lakes and tree's and all of the accommodation looks lovely and theres plenty of green and there's a really great atmosphere to the place. I can't comment on the business ucas day, but i'll tell you a bit about the computer science which is what I applied for. Basically you go and sit in a room at the beginning for like an hour to 'talk' to tutors and other students. In reality, you just sit there awkwardly and pray a lecturer doesn't come and sit next to you. The annoying thing about this is that you really need to save questions for the interview instead of at the beginning. Then you get a talk about the degree programmes which is nothing you haven't heard already unless your really dumb and don't know what you've applied to do. That is followed by a talk saying that you're a muppet if you don't do a year in industry. They then give you a money voucher for lunch, i believe it was £5.50 at surrey, which i managed to get a nice fish and chips with a drink for. It's reasonable in that restaraunt. You will then go on a tour around campus and business i presume whilst getting 'honest' student opinions, even though they have clearly been paid to sell it to us. This takes up a decent amount of time. Then you come back for a one to one interview, which in my case was pretty nasty (sorry to scare you). That said I think I had an awkward interviewer. I'm applying for computer science and he asked me how I would resolve the eurozone crisis and why humans don't walk off cliffs and into lamposts. There was no way I could prepare for that. But I still managed to get an offer nonetheless.

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