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  1. Hi,

    I was going through Summer internship pages from last year and I learned that you got an offer for risk consulting at Deloitte last year.
    I've been invited for an interview under this division this year.
    Can you please give me some insight about this division? Like what kind of work they do, and what are the chances of getting an offer compared to audit/tax ? I'm asking because I'm having second thoughts about risk consulting and would like to go for tax instead.

    Thank you !
  2. Hey,
    Thanks for your insight on my thread.
    Are you looking to become a banker?
  3. I've just seen you on a thread seconds after stumbling across this picture and couldn't resist sending it to you.....

  4. I see from your profile that you go to Durham! I'm a Durham student too.
  5. He's gonna win the elections.
  6. do you like Boris Johnson?
  7. Hi mate! I was successful in the telephone interview! thanks a million. I spoke about reading the Economist, the Times and watching the news daily. I spoke about the Eurozone crisis, mainly Greece.
    What stage of the application process are you at?
    I also saw one of your posts on an EY school leaver thread.
    I've been invited to the Assessment Centres at both PwC as well as Ernst & Young. Have you been through them yet?
  8. hey man, i saw your thread on the Pwc telephone interview?
    Mine is tomorrow. Just wanted to know what competencies did they ask you?
    and how did they check your commercial awareness? like what business news did they ask you?
    lemme know soon mate! cheers
  9. Hi,
    I have applied to Durham for CS.
    How do you rate the department?

  10. (cont.)
    Most of the course are Eastern European/Russian, the minority are English. I'd say about 15 from 35-40 of us? I'm half Russian, but I was born in the UK and I see myself as one of the English. What I don't like is how a lot of the course do just talk in their own language, and this gets particularly annoying especially in tutorials. But everyone gets on, and because it's such a small course we all know each other which is great. I mainly hang out with people I met in halls last year anyways. And there's always societies to meet people too =]

    However, to be considered for this course you really have to show an interest in Eastern Europe in your CV. Otherwise, they will just think you're applying for this course if you didn't get in for straight Economics. And it's hard to do this when you're applying for other universities with straight Economics. You're going to have to think this through really carefully.

    Do e-mail back if you want to ask any more questions


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