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  1. From my knowledge, the name "Guybrush" came from the developers of Monkey Island using the old Amiga paint package "Deluxe Paint" in the late '80s. They didn't know what to call the character sprite, so they saved it as "Guy". The paint package used the file extension ".brush", hence "Guy.brush". The name stuck.
  2. I know where it's from!

    That's a classic Monkey Island quote!

    " that a French name?"
    "No actually, it's a fictional name."
  3. Guybrush Sheepgood? Is that a French name?
  4. Aha, you're so welcome.

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    Guybrush Sheepgood
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    Mêlée Island
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    I'm a mighty pirate!
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    I completed the three tasks set by the pirate masters.
    Pirating: swashbucking, drinking grog, spitting contests, getting into humorous situations solved with ingenious puzzles, finding treasure etc.

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