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  1. Hey! haha which school did you firm!
  2. hello hello! are you a fellow singaporean applying to uk med too!
  3. Hi runawayxtrain,

    Nice to meet you. Sorry for replying after a while, I didn't notice the post and I haven't been on for few days. First of all, I believe UCC's deadline is soon, end of March, so you need to get a move on that. As for the others, TCD's deadline passed and the other three not so sure. The problem is I've applied through the North Atlantic Bridge program, an agency in the US for North American students. As I don't know where you're from, I can't tell you for sure how or through who, and more importantly, by when you should apply (Assuming entry in 2012). Therefore, you should contact the unis and seek advice from them. I've applied to TCD directly and UCD, NUIG and RCSI through the agency I mentioned above.
    As for reputation and such, any medical degree from a respectable country is accepted anywhere in the world, so don't worry much about that. Ireland is also an English speaking country, so language barriers shouldn't be an issue. As for rankings: TCD is ranked 69th in medicine WORLDWIDE, so I guess that's enough reputation for anyone. UCD is 124th in med worldwide. These two I found some info about on the QS site, I believe. TCD is first in Ireland overall (Not med, merely overall as a uni in Ireland, out of around 10-15 unis.), UCD is ranked 4th, NUIG 6th and RCSI 10th. I hope this info helps you, and if you need any more information please don't hesitate to send me a private message (I can get email notifications on PMs). Hope your applications go well. TC.
  4. No I'm not.. haha I'm not from Singapore yeaa I'll add you on fb
  5. Hi sorry for the really late reply! I'm the one who has the same interview schedule as you today for Dundee btw... I just opened TSR again. How did your interview go?
  6. Hi Runawayxtrain,

    I have to complete a IB math project that has me design a question and on a topic of interest that can be answered using mathematical processes. I will start by collecting data using experiments, surveys, and use mathematics to analyze the data. My problem is in generating questions that would be answerable with math. I asked my mother who is very smart and she had a few ideas about teen driving and wondered what kind of questions could I ask about that topic. Confused! Joanna
  7. hello! sorry for the late reply! so are you on a gap year too? i applied to barts nottingham leicester southampton!
  8. Sorry for the late reply, my final exams just ended on Thursday >< Haha okay I'll add you on FB in a sec
  9. Haha nope I'm a girl :P But yes I went for the NUH JSP in June this year! Was attached to the oncology dept
  10. hiiii i'm in the same boat too!!

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