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  1. Hi! I noticed that you have had an interview at McDonalds. I have mine tomorrow and was wondering if you could give me any tips, questions they ask etc.
  2. You is well fit

    until you started being a gamer

    which made you unfit

    because dey is well butters.
  3. Yeah but I'm still deciding what it's gonna be. How much would be reasonable?
  4. Or I could just describe the dream and leave you to it.
  5. If I drew an outline for a picture I need painted would you paint it for me?
  6. hello, you're very talented
  7. I'm starting to get into pc gaming.

    The Counter Strike franchise :sogood:
  8. I sounded silly there :rofl:

    What console do you like/play on?
  9. :ahee: so you're into gaming too I take it? :ahee: :sogood:
  10. Lovely stuff, I'll hopefully be starting part time work at uni to rake some cash in loooool

    I just missed out on AAB last year in all my three subjects (maths, chem , bio) which was tough for me to accept, but I had to accept it and just move on. Hence I took a gap year whilst retaking some exams. I have a very strong feeling that I have AAB in the bag now and hopefully I'll get into my firm, which is reading, to study pharmacy xD

    What course is that at derby???

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  • About Leighcakes

    Where I study
    University of Derby
    Personal Shopper
    Very much upside-down.
    Star Sign
    About me
    I yam what I yam. I love gaming and drawing, it's pretty much all I do nowadays. I'm a lactose intolerant vegetarian with an OCD for tidiness and things being in the number 3.
    Academic Info
    Currently on a gap year - Unconditional Offer to study Computer Games Modelling and Animation at Derby in September 2013.

    3 A-Levels,
    1 Foundation Degree
    10 GCSEs.
    Gaming, painting, drawing, playing guitar, cooking, role-playing.
    Favourite Games
    League of Legends, WoW, Rift, Guild Wars 2, all of TES series, Dragon Age Origins (not 2, 2 was a disgrace), Gears of War, Fallout, Fable (all), Final Fantasy, Sims (who doesn't like sims?) and of course... Farmville :l Hahahhaa. As if.

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