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  1. It's cool, I remember how I was like at 16 :moon:

    Anyway when a girl does that 9/10 she's not interested in you at all. If she was and fell asleep or something, she'd message you next day apologising. Sad but true.

    Don't bother messaging her on facebook. What you need to do is make a stronger impression on her in person. Don't be too needy or overtop or what ever. Just play it cool, have her attention, make her laugh, but be like chilled about it. Make sure you're talking to other girls, keep your options open. If you're just spending time on her she'll know she can have you whenever. When she sees that you're able to communicate well with other girls, or that other girls find you attractive (even if they aren't amazingly attractive themselves) you'll have her attention.

    Basically once you've done enough for her offline, she'll be the one that messages you on facebook. Don't message her again, act as normal if she initiates convo.

    Also another thing I learned is that messaging "hi - how are you - what you been up to" etc to girls will get you nowhere. You need to start the convo off with something interesting. e.g. "I had a dream about you last night, when did you learn to do inception?" Obviously not as a cheesy as that (unless you that kind of relationship), but you get what I mean, make it interesting where she more likely to be "lol you're so silly" rather than be thinking "oh ffs him again - i better appear offline".
  2. And even if I was/we were, and you told the whole of TSR - nobody'll ever believe you, much to my pleasure.
  3. But I say nothing of my parents and grandparents :ninja:

  4. Not me as an individual, no.

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