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  1. hey, I think I already know what's coming but I'm still gonna ask

    I don't meet UCL's entry requirements for GCSE - i got C for both maths and english.

    So, no matter how well i do in my AS (predicted AAAA) exams and BMAT, they will bin my application?
    If i resit my english and maths this November and say results 'pending' for both subjects on my UCAS will they consider me?

    Thank you
  2. Hey there! I'm not asking for any disclosure on questions asked, etc. etc. but I am getting really nervous today!!

    Do you have any tips on how to keep calm tomorrow? Was your interview experience a welcoming one or did you find it quite difficult?

  3. You've not been on in 6 days
  4. Just popped up to say hi
  5. Then I will cry.
  6. well i do like london, and i have people i know who will be studying there, and some will be at your uni, so i'll bump into you most probably, or force you to meet me, so ha. I like biryani
  7. I know you can't be asked, so it will be the other way around. Plus the Pak soc there has trips to London
  8. no, warwick uni is in coventry, but bham is the nearest big city stop sounding so patronising!
  9. Feed me oh and it's a 7 quid journey from bham to euston, im not gonna even give you a heads up, one of my best mates is going to rvc and i have some people i know at ucl too, you best be prepared to make me that biryani

    and be quiet.
  10. yeah ok point taken, but it's worth a try shoving my cv into all the shops and praying for some luck. otherwise, i'll sell some clothes, make some cakes, whatever

    That looks absolutely delicious! it actually looks like an oriental chicken sauce

    I have no idea what you are on about....ahee

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