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  1. Hey! :^_^: I remember talking to you last year when you were starting your gap year and I gave you my medify details. Did you get into med school ?
  2. Really? You want me to write it down for you?

    It generally rolls along as hypothesis, test hypothesis, does hypothesis stand up to testing, yes- use hypothesis, no- change hypothesis and test it again.

    Evolution is the gradual change of a organism over many generations due to mutation guided by natural selection.

    That's as much as I can be bothered to but at 11 at night.

    So I assume you will write what has been shown to be correct about foetuses by science. But that means the Quran is wrong. Unless you are very good at double think or you just lie about what you think in the exam I don't see how you can reconcile that.
  3. Of course I do.

    So what will you write?
  4. What about the science of the Quran? The Quran details the debelopment of foetuses doesn't it. Best not write anything about that in your medical exams.

    So do you not accept evolution? How can you even hope to understand anything about why the body is the way it is?
  5. Hey. Just thought if follow up on that 'its a shame to see a fellow to-be medic'. So do you not except evolution as a fact and believe the science of the Quran is correct?
  6. Nothing makes me inherently better than them! That would very arrogant. Mostly they are just unlucky enough to be indoctrinated into religion during their youth. There are many religious people better than me at many things.

    Humans are unfortunately very susceptible to becoming religious and religions are designed to make people join then and to make people stay in them usually.
  7. As a whole? Nothing except their support of Islam. Which is often not entirely their fault. It's Islam I have a real problem with. Christianity and most other religions too. Islam is particularly bad though.
  8. Bye then because I need to do my homework
  9. But I learnt some bits and bats from yr 6 and I still remember them lol!§
  10. But I would like to learn French !its so cool!

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