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  1. I hope I didn't touch a nerve. Forgot to congratulate you on the 2012 Mickey Mouse cup victory against s championship team on pens. What a heroic world-class win, a game that you were predicted to lose 2 or 3-0-but instead you ended up winning.Of course, Arsenal fans knew that we would get stick coming into the season with all the same 'boring' 'you've never won a trophy, I win the argument, buy me a chocoste bar' **** from all the jerks. Plus, I never said that playing in the CL or finishing 4th counts as a trophy. I accept that we haven't won a silverware in a while. Also, the season is not over yet, we are still on the FA Cup (vs. Blackburn) and CL (vs. Bayern Munich). These games will be happening in Feb! Plus Liverpool only have the Europa League and playing in the 2012 FA cup final does not count as winning it. Also, finishing below Everton last season and still failing to finish in a CL spot isn't really the Kop standard, is it? Finishing 6th, 7th and 8th over the years; always finishing below Arsenal. No matter what.

    But us Liverpool + Arsenal fans share one thing in common: WE BOTH HATE MAN UTD SCUM !!!
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  4. HUGE game for you guys tomorrow and judging by the erratic season both teams have had, it looks like a must win game for both especially if Liverpool want to stay in the hunt for a Champs Lge spot and I guess it's now or never really. I actually think Liverpool can get something from the game even dare I say it a win. They'll be boosted from the FA Cup a few weeks back and as I said in terms of chasing the Champs Lge spot they really have to get something out of this game. Plus taking points off the rags will no doubt put a smile on my face.
  5. Well this could be an interesting scenario. For the best part of two years now Tevez has been making waves to state his intentions of leaving and City have been reluctant because they're not receiving what they deem a reasonable offer. Ultimately given his questionable professionalism I don't think any club officials with their heads screwed on are prepared to rbeak the bank and offer what City are asking. The longer Tevez "rots" on the bench and training with the youth team his fitness levels will begin to diminish, his skills will deteriorate and ultimately he will be losing out on match experience which will make any purchase of him a massive risk. The ball is firmly in Tevez's court here; should he do the right and honourable thing and apologise unreservedly to the management, team, club admin etc then within a short time I can see him returning to the set up. Ultimately I'd love to see that happen and for him to get back to playing, scoring and who knows he may well endear himself again to the fans and may end up staying longer who knows...... However the longer this drags the less I think it will happen and at the end of the day the only loser here is Carlos Tevez.
  6. Well it's going to down to the wire. I'd rather they had lost yesterday but let's be fair Chelsea have been piss poor this season so I'm surprised they rolled over like puff pastry. But I guess a 2 point cushion is better than a no point cushion. What's disappointing for me is that it seems City haven't been able to cope with the demands of multiple competitions and whether that's a reflection on the squad or the management team I don't know.
  7. Sorry where are you in the league? Top 4? Lol Bigger fish to fry bigger prizes on offer but enjoy your trip to Wembley Hehe.
  8. Oh dear touchpaper's been lit already. oh well we shall see although chances are the league title will be coming to Man City before it comes to anfield again assuming it ever does come to Anfield again
  9. You negged me on the CC thread. Thing is I actually quite like Liverpool they were always my 2nd team back in the days when City were S-H-I-T-T-Y and I've always wanted to watch a game at Anfield. Also John Lennon is one of my heores (staring at poster of him on my wall). Alas your neg was only worth a 0 so no biggie. It's all good. But yes that trophy is's.....well the Sheikh's actually.

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    Acheived some ****e GCSE results, turning that around with A levels I hope! Amidst tough choices etc. Crap times!

    Not the faintest idea what to do after this though.
    Music, movies, TV, socialising, Xbox, football. COOL MAN.

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