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  1. 'Ello, what's your hotmail? :bigsmile:
  2. Wa-alaikums salaam,

    Hmm, I tend to agree with you and if scholars of Islam are not doing this in the world outside, what gives us, mere beings, the right to question the legitimacy of the Caliphs.
  3. PM me.
  4. Thanks Just won't trust RE teacher anymore...
  5. Well at the end of the day, we all find inconsistencies with things we believe in/ have faith in but if you find no major faults that make you question it massively, and you're happy with it that then that's cool
  6. Happy New Year
    Lol I spent New Year's eve with some friends and my family, watching six movies in a row, getting drunk on kebabs and coke, joking, laughing and then sleeping at six in the morning. No outings this time
    Oh, sorry to hear about yours...
    Main nai saal ka intezar nahin karti resolutions ke liya. It's always on the spot and permanent
    Although I have my goals in mind, which I stick to, my usual plans are no plans, because planning actually ruins things. Learned that lesson.
    I like to be spontaneous. I have fun, try to smile all the time and try to face everything head-on. At the age of fourteen, I decided I'd never procrastinate and I'm still the same
    How is your hone wali???? Do you talk to her?
    My work and fun are merged together in a weird way.
    I did not see Don 2 because I have this... animosity towards SRK for some reason. I didn't even watch Ra One but yeah, I do watch and listen to Bollywood
    I just can't wait to watch Mission Impossible!!!!!!! I'd even watch a trashy movie if it has Tom Cruise in it and this is just... wow! Do you watch action movies? I know many of them are not good and pointless and I don't like those either.
  7. Yeah a lot of people tend to keep it quiet or will discuss it on the internet where their identity is concealed.
    Well after a few years of reading a studying the Qur'an I found too many inconsistencies which lead to me thinking it can't be the word of god. I believed in a creator for a while (more out of force of habit) and after some research on that became an agnostic atheist.
    No I don't regret it at all, I'd rather be honest with myself about who I am than trying to force myself to believe in something I don't- don't want to be a hypocrite! Tbh leaving Islam has made almost no difference to my life. The only thing I'd say I do now as a non-muslim is eat non- halal meat occasionally, but I'm practically a vegetarian so even in that respect it's no big deal lol.
    No, I'm mainly Malaysian but also an 8th Indian and an 8th Chinese . Nice to meet you I'm Aysha
  8. Oh don;t worry about it, I'm more than happy to discuss my situation with people who are interested

    Well, my mum knows but she can't quite get her head around it sometimes (like, she gets I don;t believe in the Qur'an but she keeps telling me I'm still a Muslim because she is ) so I think it may be a cultural thing too. My dad doesn't know (yet) but I expect he will do at some point. Tbh we don't really talk about religion so the topic has never come up. But he know's I'm not religious anyways as I don't pray or fast or anything.

    That's cool
  9. Ermmm maybe about 7 years or so now?
    Lol that's ok, I just thought I'd offended you unduly which is why you'd asked.
    Are you a Muslim?
  10. Hey no I'm not anymore (I was).

    Hope I haven't caused any offense or anything

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