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  1. Hi, was reading your thread on your offer from EY. Did you end up accepting? I've been offered a place for Audit in Aberdeen.
  2. Over all, be confident. you will be better than 50% of the other people there without trying and you can be better than the other 50% by appearing confident, professionl and by thinking through each task to think about what they want to see. PwC AC's are very friendly so you will be fine. If you have any specific Qs please email me and I will try and reply.

    Good luck
  3. Hi

    The AC is made up of 4 things:

    Isometric tests (numerical and reading)
    Group interview
    Written test
    (And when I did it an interview, although i think this is now on a seperate day?)

    Tests: Same as the ones you did on the application except these are on paper.

    Written test: You will be given some information which you have to read and write a short report on in about 30 mins. There is a lot of info so the test is to see that you can pick out and write down the key info. Advice would be to write an intro and a conclusion (1 para each) and for the main body, keep it short and simple - bullet points are fine as long as what you write is good. For example, if yyou are comparing 3 ways to improve the efficiency of a business do three bullets, one for each method and then write a quick pros/cons para for each bullet. Key information, clearly written, that is what you want

    Group test: Same as above but with others and verbal. Make sure you get in early with something to say, even if its not the cleverest thing. This will let the others know you are involved and will lead to you being able to comment during the test. If you dont say anything at the start, people tend to carry on and forget about you. Look peope in the eye, smile at them and debate opinions but never criticise. If you have an idea present it but do not push it too hard. The test is to see how you interact, not to see if you can come up with the winning idea.

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