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  1. touché

    BTW I love the :ahee: smilie. I go around looking for excuses to use it.
  2. No it's the same for me really, had an odd strum on the guitar but nothing much, learnt a few (very) easy songs. Feel there is no point now with the stresses of school and uni applications!
    Nice! I'm really into indie stuff like Deerhunter, Arctic Monkeys, Bombay Bicycle Club, Noah and the Whale, Joanna Newsom, The Antlers, Horrors and about a million more bands!
  3. I'm concious of derailing that thread, so will reply here!
    Ah they played a heavier version of Alabaster when I saw them too, it's an amazing song but the studio version lacks a big punch in comparison. I try to, but not well! you? What other bands do you like?
  4. lol done it =]
  5. lol it hasnt come up
  6. hahah i do :P lol ill think about it =] yea its...
    haha i read every night im a bit addicted :P
  7. JohnJoe
    Lol I see! You got a parrot too? Man, I like parrots, grin. Scouse is a cute accent, keep it! Yeah well I can't probably tell them that I play video games all day if I'm not busy translating for cash or so XD. "Yeah and yesterday night I played a new game.." Doubt that'll work!! I don't have any spare time even recently!

    You got msn mate? Might be easier than chatting here!! Just saying!

    You like reading then? XD
  8. lol i am iv been trying to hide that secret for years =]
    its just a bad habbit i picked up from my time as a scouser
    in my ps i tended just to ramble on about what i do in my spare time tbh
    ill be fine wen i wake up and iv had a shower and some coffee, im tempted just to get in bed and read but i end up reading for hours before i sleep =[
  9. JohnJoe
    Are you a pirate or why is there an aarrr in every sentence?
    Yeah I'm still stuck on my PS but I'll call it a day soon. And then I'll just do whatever for a few minutes to relax. The tutorials is a very good idea actually... I might really write that, I'll just have to figure out how to bring it into the text. Argh, that's really hard. Just go sleep and let it rest until tomorrow! You'll be good!
  10. ar i get yea =] best bet would be to have a go at some tutorials and just try and get a grip of the it so you can say although iv got no experience the past year iv been teaching myself this, this and this. lol ok =] yea i didnt do a foundation year =] not much just doin some more research for my project but im pretty tempted just to leave it till tomorrow and just watch a film in bed or sumthin, u still doin ur ps?

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