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  1. Hi CraigKirk

    Nice work on a new wiki page, it's a good idea :top:
    Just letting you know that I'll be adding a link to it from the main medicine wiki page later, also could you let me know when you're finished editing it so I can change the format without any clashing of edits :yy:

    Nice to see people having an interest in improving the resources, so thanks
  2. Please reply to my Emails! Would be appreciated !
  3. I agree with you on the tipping thread.

    Hate tipping really
  4. Oh hey! That's because I'm kind of new here. Was wandering round and saw that you seemed like a nice guy.

    Haha, yes! I'm sure Shakespeare wins over Sweeney Todd in the pie department, haha.

    Best x
  5. Hi Craig!

    How's it going?


  6. Hey Craig,
    Sorry to randomly pop up but I noticed you on the St.Andrews thread.
    Haha, I haven't got an offer from St.Andrews and aren't arrogant enough to assume I'll get one but just in case I am wondering what did it for you as I currently have a Manchester offer too!

    Thing is, I think PBL would really suit me as I don't take much from lessons and am more motivated learning myself, so I think it'd be an extremely fun way of learning, but I'm worried whether I'll learn in enough depth! Having said that, I spoke to a Doctor today who said to me you get good at Medicine by practice, not learning and that PBL is basically 5 years extra practice so think I'm swaying towards it! :-D

    How was the offer holders day and why'd it sway you towards Manchester?!

    Sorry this is so long, thanks for taking time to read it! x
  7. It sounds like you've already made your decision Hopefully everything checks out with MAnc and you'll be sorted! Cause if you're wanting it to win out now, you obviously have a gut feeling for it and gut feelings tend to be the best to follow

    Keep me updated
  8. Manc has nothing over St. Andrews

    I kid Let me know how the offer day goes! I'm not going to bother going to it because I know I won't take the offer and I need to start saving money all the money I can! Sorry, I meant to reply on the thread but forgot, and then didn't want to spam the thread replying to loads of different people so thought on here might be more appropriate
  9. hahha yeah, my interview was 1st feb so seeing people get offers has deffo scared/excited me!
  10. Hiya, i was just wondering when you had your manchester interview?

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