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  1. Still waiting approval for a new thread, will let you know if successful.
  2. ergh. they way he wrote the responds was just the typical trying-to-deviate-trying-to-put-everyone-but-them-in-the-wrong.

    Some of these mods... their incompetence makes me want to go out and shoot a deer.
  3. omg; I lol when the mods deleted the thread about how bad they are!

    And you're right: drewski (is that how he spellz hez namez I don't care lol) is an ass kisser!
  4. well doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. Ahhh so how did the test go? sorry i didn't reply last night, only just saw it!!

    I have only ever done 3 lane roundabouts so you must be very good at roundabouts if u do 4 lane ones and tbh i think if u ask the examiner in good time...they will tell u ...they are not all mean....bcoz u get tested on driving not following directions. if it is a particulary busy rounabout, they may even tell u which lane to go in but do bare in mind that i have only heard about this and its not fact
  6. Haha yeah finally!!
    I'm off work for 2 weeks so I have some spare time to get some lessons in

    How did you find your first couple of lessons?
  7. my dumb brain just realised that tomorrow is tuesday...arghhhhh how u feeling? what time is it?
  8. ahhhh good luck for the test and tell me first how it goes

    your lessons sound really just brushing it up and learning the show me tell me's ??
  9. until I decide to get back to my report
  10. i cleaned it with my magic hand how are the lessons going? when is the test?

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