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  1. ill pass thanks
  2. no really is worth it bt the shiny card is stuck to the paper with this bit of glue that is so hard to get rid of....kinda ruined the shini ness
  3. good luck for the test, sure you will be fine
  4. Lol I pop back on every now and then, you know how it is :P
  5. Haha thanks for explaining about that jimbo guy bro!
  6. Cool story bro. You're really not that interesting to talk to unfortunately, so I'll stop here. Not sure how to block you, do you know how?
  7. Haha calm down mate. Stop being so arrogant and parochial, you don't know me, don't assume things about me from a few words I write.
  8. Sure, whatever. I'm not going to argue if you think I want to appear cool over the internet because it will be the classic - what do I say to get out of a mental hospital - situation...
    Yeah I do think that guys who masturbate regularly are pathetic. 99% is pushing it but yes I'm saying that maybe 80% of guys have a habit that is pathetic.

    Cya, remind me not to drop the soap next time I see you if that's really you in your profile pic
  9. I admitted it. Cool story bro.

    I don't understand why you're even trying. Do you think I have some deep-rooted psychological issues that you could possibly solve by messaging me over an internet forum?
  10. And saving face on the internet? If you even consider such things then you have a very low opinion of people around you or you have serious issues with yourself.

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    Are you seriously asking this. ****
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    Its best if you don't test the patience of this mother****er if you wanna avoid getting sparked in your ****ed up face. Say nuttin fam.
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    Nobody on TSR has any real hobbies, don't make me ****ing laugh.

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